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Aznaroth (Azzy)
Real Life name: Arjan
Age : 27
Country : Netherlands
Occupation : Currently Mailman, applying for jobs matching my degree in spatial planning.

Ingame name: Aznaroth
Armory link: Here it is
Class : Warrior
Main spec: Protection (7/2/32)
Offspec : Fury (8/33/0)

What addons do you use while raiding?
Almost none. Im not much of an addon junkie. I use DBM, nothing else.
I used threat meters and unitframes addons in the past, so Im able to work with them, if needed.

What macros do you use ?
I have a stancedance macro, but I hardly need/use it. If its needed in some fights, I fastly create a target or assist macro. Ow, and I have three 'bunny-macro's'. They have nothing to do with raiding, but are just clickable, if someone 1: goes into emorage, 2: shows damage meters in chats, or 3: makes a horrible mistake. So basically they arent of any importance.

Explain you choise in talent, reforging, gemming :
My talent build is mostly into gaining as much aggro, using Blood and Thunder and many crit increasing points. Also I chose to use Drums of War, making my interrupt and shouts free of costs. I find this really handy in fights you need aggro fast, or interrupts timed.
In gems I mostly choose Stamina + Mastery. Im a Jewelcrafter myself, so I can make some special gems for my gear.

Previous raid experience be detailed for Cataclysm encounters :
Well, I can rattle a long time about my life before Cataclysm. Coz I have been around a long time, since Vanilla. I always was and will be Tank mainspec, coz I basically think its my destiny ;). I would by a goalie in Football also... I went from rather casual (vanilla) to pretty hardcore (TBC). In WotLK I stopped playing for a while, when I find the content rather boring. During ICC I came back, and played a few months on a Horde mage. When that became boring, I went back to my oldie, my precious, my warrior.
Anyway, in Cataclysm I raided frequently, until the summer. Cleared the normal content BWD/To4W/TBOT all before major nerfs and had done one heroic encounter. In Firelands, I sadly didnt come further than 2/7 (Beth'tilak and Shannox). I played both specs, but majorly in tank spec, as I was Maintank in my previous guild.
All together, Azzy is my alter ego. Its my very first created character and I do everything with him. I will never abandon my tank post. Its what I am.
(no Im not addicted, I just cherish my effort in my character)

Previous guilds and reson for leaving them :
At the start of Cataclysm I was in Stormborn with many others, who are in Purple Pixels now. I left in february 2011, because the leaderboard basically was slacking. Efforts to help them were refused and I had no choice than leaving with a group of Slovenians that made their own guild: The Purgatory. I became officer there, and had a good time raiding the previous content, eventually clearing it. But it was never really peaceful there, and some people caused a lot of drama, both to me personally as in the guild. The last weeks we didnt raid at all, but I thought that was due to the summer holiday. But a few days ago, the Guildmaster suddenly promoted an other guy and made himself social. Also he suddenly withdrew 90.000 gold from our guildbank. Seeing that happen without any information to me (still officer), I decided it was time for me to look elsewhere. Im looking toward a normal raiding postion without having to go through a lot of dramalama or such.

Where do you keep up to date on your charecter class and role ?
Simple: I sometimes google for possible new theorys about Warrior-tanking. That mostly ends in me checking some forums on elitestjerks or tankspot. Also, I often check Maintanks in big guilds, looking how they gemmed/reforged their gear.

Explain your playstyle. dps rotation on movement fight and singel target fights with stationary dps. When do you use Cd's as tank? Link to a wws report if you got it.
Sorry, I dont have wowwebstats reports. But Im a presser, so I use my keyboard for most things (see screenshot), I have 1-9 and F1-9 bound to tank abilities, also my numpad is all bound. Find that weird? Yea Im a bit weird, coz Im a lefty in mouse usage. My cooldowns are mostly used when it gets heavy. For instance at Shannox, when the first dog dies, I always use my shield wall immediately, so that the healers wont get a slap in the face. I love the 4 set bonus on the previous tier (18 sec shield wall). Further on, Ill try to use them frequently, but with thought.

Explain your role and how do you handle the normal Council encounter in The bastion of Twilight ?
I only tanked there. I always was the tank for Feludius (meaning interrupting everytime) and Terrastra (avoiding the earthspikes). Second phase was basically mindless shieldslamming, as the other tank picked him up mostly.
(I rather had the question about Cho'gall here :-))

Is there someone who can vouch for you in the guild?
I think some people still know me from Stormborn. I hope I didnt leave a bad impression coz of the fuzz with Elbastardino and the leaderboard back then. I only did what I thought was righteous and stuff. In the end we all wanted the same.

Do you have a microphone?
Yes. Do I sing? Yes, but only in private conversations.

Have you read the guild rules. Understand them and accept them ?
I looked over them, and I agree with them.

Something you would like to add ?
In all honesty, it will be very hard for me to raid on thursdays, due to RL things. Im a professional chessplayer, and thursday is the weekly club-night. That also means it can happen that I have a away game sometimes.
But basically, its just like all other people. Sometimes I have RL stuff, but Im sure I can make the 75% attendance requirement.
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Hello and good luck with your application!
Gruffer and the other officers will reply directly on the tanking side of your application. All I can say is that we have just invited 2 new tanks who are trialists for the moment - i really dont know where a 4th tank would fit in.
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Nyssie decided to leave us yesterday Maxx, so yes we are actually looking for a tank.

Aznaroth. thanks a lot for your application. You have put an effort into it, and we like what we read.

And we have decided to grant you a trial period here. Just whisper any officer for an invite. Welcome to PP
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
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