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#4799565 Aug 15, 2011 at 05:16 PM · Edited 7 years ago
Real life name: Renée
Age : 26
Country : Denmark
Occupation : Student

Ingame name : Darshana
Armory link :
Class : Priest
Main spec : Holy
Offspec : Disc

Link to pictue of UI you can use Make sure to show your keybinds

What addons do you use while raiding?
Bartender, fortexorcist, healbot, decursive, x-perl, power aura's, and my gamepad ;)

What macros do you use ?
None on ma priest. On ma mage yes, but healing no. Everything needs to be timed, and the best way to do that for me, is having almost everything as a button. Rest is bound in my healbot.

Explain you choise in talent, reforging, gemming :
When i started the priest back in the day, i had high hopes of beeing a new aliena. I still can be, with sum help and experience. So holy was the choice. Disc as off.. She's only healing. Never tried disc though, so i might need sum help there. ;)
Reforging/gemming is gunna be the way Mav told me. I'm trying it out the see if it makes a diff. If it does, then i'll find ways to defend my gemming/reforging.

Previous raid experience be detailed for Cataclysm encounters :
Tday tnx to u guys, all the old Cata raids. Did Cho'gall before nerf, rest after. Sadly. Shannox is easy, beth'tilac is easy to understand, a bit harder to do. Baleroc... Sum day I will understand him.. ^^ Rest dunno yet.

Previous guilds and reson for leaving them :
Was on horde side before.. Was in a couple of good guilds, but was not treated fairly in any of them. Sum I was kicked from, for telling them my opinion, and sum I left. Exigency wich i'm in now, is a good guild and i'm not leaving them completely. My alt's are staying with them, cuz I enjoy their compagny.

Where do you keep up to date on your charecter class and role ?
Use a couple of places. Like to see the diff opinions.
ElitistJerks, CynicalBrit, Tankspot, TenTonHammer. Others i browse once in a while when i'm bored.. ^^

Explain your playstyle. dps rotation on movement fight and singel target fights with stationary dps. When do you use Cd's as tank ? how do you keep highest HPS output ? Link to a wws report if you got it.
I just stay outta shit, heal wounded players, and keep my head cool as far as possible ;) When ur taking my mage in as raider i'll give u the full version ^^

Explain your role and how do you handle the normal Council encounter in The bastion of Twilight ?
Heal shit, stay in a grp, heal shit, spred out, heal shit, take buff, heal shit. Rinse and repeat.

Is there someone who can vouch for you in the guild ?
Nope. Not as far as i know.. So ur taking a bit of a risk, if u take me in.. But I promise that u will get a dedicated player. Treat me fair and i repay that times 10.

Do you have a microphone?
Yes but so far i can't use the shit ingame. Getting my IT nerd to look at it, mabbie even tday.

Have you read the guild rules. Understand them and accept them ?
I really hav'nt read them. I guess they say a lot bout good behaviour and loot rules and stuff. But i'm 26 years old now, gaming is a serious hobby for me. I would'nt even apply if I tought u had stupid loot rules or bad behavior. So i guess we understand each other.

Something you would like to add ? Nope.. Just.. Have a nice day ^^
#4803743 Aug 16, 2011 at 12:18 PM
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I would strongly advice u to read the guild rules :)

Anyways the reforge and gemming is something u have to fix. Along with the Therazane rep. I wanna say the same as Brutalbob did in Dozgny's application to u. We discussed it within the officer staff and came to the conclusion that Brutalbob was so nice to write down. The same stuff applies to ur application :)

If u dont know what I mean, go read the answer bob gave on Dozgny's application.
#4805737 Aug 16, 2011 at 08:45 PM
First DPS rotation i guess u don't wanna know bout..

I'm not sure as to how I will convince u that, me and Doz read up on patch notes everytime there is one.. Wether it's small or big. All I can say is that we do.

Reforging could be all wrong.. Hav'nt looked at it yet.. Been farming Therazane. ;)

Regemming I'm looking at right now.. Looking up at Aliena's and ElitistJerk's and both say the same..
"We are still considering socket bonuses with an eye toward what will bring us the most overall benefit: either the bonus+mixed color gem or the pure color gem by itself." ElitistJerk's quote.

5 min ago I had gemmed so I got all my socket bonusses. Aliena style.
Now I have changed a couple og my gems (my chest and hands for now). I put 40 int in them both, giving me the result that I have 3k less mana, than i had before I changed 'em.

I don't see the point in that. So for now I'm not changing anything else, until i know for sure, that it benefits me. And it's not atm tbh.

Anything else u wanna know, just ask.. ^^

Cheers X X X
#4806041 Aug 16, 2011 at 09:45 PM
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Thanks for answers. we will get back to you shortly
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
#4807572 Aug 17, 2011 at 03:50 AM
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Happy to see u working on Therazane rep!

As to the socket bonuses. There is 1 golden rule - Get as much intellect as u can. Intellect is direct throughput increase, extra mana pool and also better regen (not as strong as spirit, but it does provide extra regen)

So what this essentially means is go +40 int in every gem unless they r +20 intellect socket bonus. But if 1 of these sockets r not a red 1, then forget about the bonus.

Another thing. Aliena is in a 25 man guild. This is a 10 man guild :) There is - sadly - a huge difference in these two configurations.

I dont see how u got less mana by gemming +40 intellect in those two items u speak of. U must have missed a buff or something (or a proc).

To the reforging. U r quite far away from the "soft cap" with the extra renew tick. U need to hit those 12,50% buffed up in raids. This is ur first priority on ur stats, after that its back to mastery. I also see u have 2559 spirit, and a trinket which provides u an additional 515 spirit with a quite high uptime. So there is no need to gem/reforge/enchant for more spirit atm.

I know u r farming therazane rep, but u should be able to reforge in less than 10 min or so :)

Máverick out, will come back to u later. Please respond to what I have written here.
#4810239 Aug 17, 2011 at 05:22 PM
We have talked, so i won't write to much more..

I have copy/paste ur answer, and saved it in my little black book. ^^ Tyvm for ur help m8.. Looking forward to try it out ^^
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