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Purple Pixels a new beginning
Welcome to the website of Purple Pixels

Purple Pixels is a 10 man raid guild on the Kilrogg server.

When we raid, we raid with a hardcore approach to the content infront of us. But we also play to have fun so a lot of jokes and laughs happening over vent on farm content and trash.

We pride and work towards making our little guild an online family where everyone is bonding and having a good time. So it takes some social skill to be among us also.

If you have any question about us. Do not hesitate to ask any member of Purple Pixels ingame.

Heroic Shannox down after 1½ hour! Keep it up!

Gonna shoop this in quick, forgot to make pic last time (A)

Good job everybody! This takes us to 5/7 in the first week!

Finally! Took us long enough :| Really good job ;)

There we go... God I was slow on these

HC Magmaw downed!!!! VERY good job everybody :D

HC Malo downed... sorry for the VERY LONG delay on the pic xD

Finally got that sucker down... took us long enough though :| (on HC ofc :P)

And we did it!! We cleared all raids in one lockout! GOOD JOB EVERYBODY!

After some VERY close attempts, neffy is down !

Second night of raiding... Atramedes (awarded Firebitch 2011) downed !
This puts our current progress to 2/12 hc... keep it up dudes !

First night of raiding...
8/12 (Halfus on hc) and 2 raid-achivments.... effing AWSOME :)